K5 Stars Video Demos

Welcome! With a few short clicks, you can see some examples of the huge selection of games available to K5 Stars members. We are thrilled to provide our subscribers and their students and children with an extensive array of activities to engage young minds!

With a staggering variety of levels and over 300 variations of games, K5 Stars has an appropriate range of choices for any student. The website caters to the young pre-schooler through Kindergarten and primary grades up to fifth grade. Our games are both educational and entertaining! Become a K5 Stars member and join us in the fun and exploration of new learning opportunities.

Sight Words - Sentence Builder

Help your little student master Sight Words! Let them play Sentence Builder. Using common, grade appropriate Sight Words children must read and then assemble a short sentence. A simple yet addictive game!

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Sight Words - Sight Words In Space

Sight Words spin in orbit as children listen to the audio prompt and select the correct choice. This fast-paced game combines Sight Words recall with active listening and computer mousing abilities. A challenging and rewarding activity that requires quick thinking!

Sight Words - Unscramble

Another kids' favorite. We've taken Sight Words and jumbled them up. In this challenging game children use the mouse to unscramble and spell the words they hear. Active listening and spelling combined no wonder parents love it too!

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Sight Words - Bubbles

One of our newest games; it's very popular with emerging readers. Bubbles containing Sight Words float around until your child picks the right one, as prompted. Correct answers are rewarded with cheerful sounds and encouraging graphics.

Sight Words - Animated Multiple Choice

This animated quiz game gives a new spin to the standard multiple-choice format. The student sees several options and must listen carefully as the computer speaks the word. It's a great way to encourage reading and reinforce listening skills.

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Sight Words - Multiple Choice

The traditional Classic Multiple Choice Quiz strengthens important Reading and Math skills. It also gives your child experience with a typical quiz format they will be using throughout their school years.

Alphabet Fun

ABC ... easy as ... ABC! Enthusiastic letter learners will delight in getting their letters right in this cute game. Players use the mouse to click and drag the correct letter to the center. Wins are scored with happy faces. A great way to brush up on emerging alphabet skills.

Math Robot Demo

It's a fact kids love robots. Using the buttons on screen, children are encouraged to learn and build on basic math skills. Addition, multiplication, subtraction and division are all included. It's a demanding game for all ages that really gets children thinking.

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Shapes and Colors

Challenging and exciting for little learners, this game bounces shapes and colors around the screen. Children are asked to identify groups by their shapes or colors and count them. A fun, complex activity that stimulates young minds!

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