K5 Stars Quick Start


Receiving Emails from K5 Stars.

Many email systems use various types of filtering to prevent unwanted emails. These filters are not perfect and sometimes block legitimate messages. To ensure that you receive our emails, please make sure that messages from k5stars.com are allowed.

If you expect an email from us but don't see it in your "New Mail" folder, check your "Bulk Mail" folder.


You can bookmark the sign-in page or just type www.k5stars.com/t into your browser.

If you forgot your password, simply click on the "Forgot your password?" link and follow the directions to reset your password.

Managing Your Students.

To add students, use the "Add Student" link. For each new student you will need to enter just two fields: name and password. For students to sign-in, they will need to open the group sign-in page and enter their name and password into the appropriate fields. The student sign-in page address is different for each group and is shown on your "My Group" page. We recommend that you bookmark the student sign-in page on your students' computers.

Once a student's information is added, you can easily edit or delete it using the Student List.

Viewing Student Results.

The Student List displayed on the "My Group" page shows the average results for each of your students. K5 Stars also allows you to view results for each activity completed by your students. Simply click on the "View Results" link next to the student's name.

Assigning Activities.

In order for your students to use K5 Stars activities, you need to assign them to your group. With the "Activity List" page you can easily add and delete activities that your students see when they sign-in.

When you first open the "Activity List" page, you will see the complete list of games and quizzes that are available. If you're interested in materials for specific grades or topics, you can use the filter located on top of the page. To assign activities to your group, simply check the appropriate boxes and click on the "Assign" button.

Using Subgroups.

If you have students from different grades or achievement levels, you can create subgroups. Each subgroup can have a different set of activities assigned to it. For example, you can create a group called "First Grade" and assign Sight Words Level 1 activities to it. You can also create a group called "Second Grade" and assign Sight Words Level 2 activities to it.

You can assign every student to a subgroup that would be the most appropriate for her or him. You can easily move students between the subgroups.

To add subgroups, please open the Settings page.

Changing Your Password.

Your initial password is generated automatically. However it's very simple if you would like to change that password. To do that , open the "Settings" page and complete the "Change Your Password" form.