“I love this site and recommend it to all professionals that ask for computer sites.”

- Pamela S., Teacher. Fort Worth, TX.
“Wonderful site! My son had his sight words down in no time.”

- Kristin M., Parent. New Orleans, LA.
“My 8 year old doesn't like Language Arts at all but he loves ... sight word quizzes. He thinks it's playing... shhhh.”

- Susan P., Special Ed Aid. Lakeport, CA.
“My daughter thinks she is playing a game and doesn't think of it as school work.”

- Denise Z., Parent. Pittsburgh, PA.
“The interactive sight word games are great fun!

- Emily H., Teacher. Antioch, CA.
“I love using K5 Stars with my SmartBoard. My students are actively engaged in learning and they think that they are simply playing games.”

- Janie B., Teacher and parent. Mechanicsburg, PA.
“The activities were kid-friendly and motivating for my students. I did not have to spend a lot of time explaining the games prior to their being able to complete them independently. The students could immediately see how they performed and receive feedback. It was easy to print the reports for tracking progress and showing growth.”

- Nancy W., Teacher. Gray, GA.
“My first grade kids just love this site. Thank you so much for all your work to help students learn!”

- Marilyn V., NBCT. Overland Park, Kansas.
“My daughter loves this site and the Accuracy displaying at the end of each game, is very much motivating for her. The previous performance results under My Results tab, helps us to identify the areas that the kid may need more improvement. I definitely suggest this site to my friends.”

- Anchu V., Parent. Westminster, CO.
“- Cost effective.

- We like how easy it is to use. Very user friendly website.

- Good statistics of lessons taken. Visual component is appealing to kids, yet not too busy, what is the common issue with other kids' games.

- Very creative...well adapted to school curriculum.

- I like the looks of the games and how intuitive it is to play them. Students do not have to try and figure out what to do when at a specific game area.

- I like that there are several ways to develop one skill. I think it is great to be able to see how well a child has done.

- Easy to use, fun, kid friendly and most of all educational.

- I like the fact that the children can successfully learn and retain their sight words. The program is great!!!!!

- The variety of activities for kids that hold their interest.

- I am most amazed by the quality of the interactive games.

- Keeps children interested in learning.”

- From a user survey.

Sight Words Cheat Sheet.


Sight Words Cheat Sheet.

As a teacher or a parent, you are always looking for ways to save time. We, at K5 Stars, would like to help you by giving away a brand new, free printable: Sight Words Cheat Sheet. It puts the Sight Words fundamentals on one page in an easy-to-read and fun format. You can copy it for non-commercial use as long as you include the copyright notice and our website address (www.K5Stars.com).

Some ideas of how you can use this Sight Words Cheat Sheet:

  • Print it out and keep it for easy reference
  • Share it with other parents or teachers
  • Give it to children learning Sight Words
  • Use it to create fun word games and activities

The Full Color Version.

Use this version if you don't worry about the cost of ink or toner. This is also the best version if you would like to print this professionally.

Download as PDF
Sight Words Cheat Sheet Preview - full color

The Printer-Friendly Color Version.

Use this version if you have a color printer and would like to print out many copies without using too much ink or toner.

Download as PDF
Sight Words Cheat Sheet Preview - printer-friendly

The Printer-Friendly Grayscale Version.

This version is recommended if you are going to use a monochrome printer or copier.

Download as PDF
Sight Words Cheat Sheet Preview - Grayscale