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K5 Stars News #4. New "Math with Money" Quizzes for your Students.

What better way to practice math than by counting money? That's exactly why we have created several new games that allow your children to master addition and learn to recognize various bills at the same time.

To check out our new games, log in to K5 Stars and then follow these links:

Dollars 1 through 10

Dollars 11 through 20

Dollars 21 through 100

We are currently working on more fun activities, so stay tuned!

Got a suggestion for a new game you’d like to see at K5 Stars? Then, feel free to let us know using this contact form. We'd love to hear from you!

K5 Stars News #3. How to Create Playlists.

Let's say you want to give your students a real workout in math that consists of several games. For example, you want your student to play with a Multiplication game, then continue with an Addition Game and finish up with a Subtraction game. Sounds great, but how do you make sure that the games are played in the right order? Playlists to the rescue!

Playlists let you control the exact order in which your students will play the games. You can create an unlimited number of Playlists. Each Playlist will be displayed on your students' home pages.

To see how easy it is to create Playlists, take a look at our new 2-minute video:

K5 Stars News #2. New Spelling Quizzes for K-5 Students.

Now there is a new fun way to help your children become star spellers! In response to requests from parents and teachers, we have recently added new spelling games that cover Sight Words for grades K through 5.

These new games use sounds and color graphics that will attract your young students' attention while teaching them to spell some of the most important words in the English language.

To add these new games to your children's activity lists, please click on one of the links below:

Spelling games for K students

Spelling games for 1st grade students

Spelling games for 2nd grade students

Spelling games for 3rd grade students

Spelling games for 4th grade students

Spelling games for 5th grade students

Note: You must be logged in to K5 Stars to access these links. If your membership is currently over, you can request a free 7-day extension by contacting us here.

K5 Stars News #1. Easily Create Custom Sight Words Wordsearch Puzzles.

Wordsearch puzzles are often used in teaching reading and other language arts skills. Unfortunately, manually creating wordsearch puzzles is a time-consuming process. Besides, the number of already available puzzles is limited. Quiz-Tree.com (our other website) to the rescue! Our brand new Sight Words Wordsearch Puzzle Generator will create new puzzles for you on demand.

You can either try the quick pre-defined links

Or this form that lets you choose the number of words, puzzle dimensions and more.

For easy printing, puzzles can be generated in PDF format.