What Users Like You Are Saying About K5 Stars.

“I think this is a good resource for the kids. Having fun while learning.”

- Lenie P., Parent. Riverside, CA.

“I love this site and recommend it to all professionals that ask for computer sites.”

- Pamela S., Teacher. Fort Worth, TX.

“The activities were kid-friendly and motivating for my students. I did not have to spend a lot of time explaining the games prior to their being able to complete them independently. The students could immediately see how they performed and receive feedback. It was easy to print the reports for tracking progress and showing growth.”

- Nancy W., Teacher. Gray, GA.

“Wonderful site! My son had his sight words down in no time.”

- Kristin M., Parent. New Orleans, LA.

“The interactive sight word games are great fun!”

- Emily H., Teacher. Antioch, CA.

“My 8 year old doesn't like Language Arts at all but he loves ... sight word quizzes. He thinks it's playing....shhhh.”

- Susan P., Special Ed Aid. Lakeport, CA.

“Wow what great addition [Sentence Builder]. Thank you!”

- Darene S., teacher. Manistee, MI.

“My first and third grader had so much fun playing the games…”

- Amanda R., Parent. Springdale, AR.

“Very helpful during summer school remediation...the kids love it!”

- Gail T., Teacher. Statesboro, GA.

“I love the new Sentence Builder...my first grade kids just love this site. Thank you so much for all your work to help students learn!”

- Marilyn V., NBCT. Overland Park, Kansas.

“K5 stars is a quality website for kids, through which they can learn many basics in a fun way. The animated images that appear when they answer each question make them more enthusiastic. My daughter loves this site and the Accuracy displaying at the end of each game, is very much motivating for her. The previous performance results under My Results tab, helps us to identify the areas that the kid may need more improvement. I definitely suggest this site to my friends. ”

- Anchu V., Parent. Westminster, CO.

“I like that K5 Stars makes learning fun.”

- Maria F., Parent and Teacher. Redlands, CA.

“Kids like the fun that comes doing those gamey exercises. They are attracted because it is colorful, interactive and it makes sounds.”

- Celina P., Parent. Sydney, Australia.

“I like the web site and use the material in my classroom. My students were engaged the whole time. The directions were simple enough that my students understood what to do. Thanks a lot.”

- Sharon B., Teacher . Dallas, TX.

“I really like the games offered for the kids. The learning experience is great and the positive feedback after they get an answer right is awesome!”

- Stephanie B., Parent. Algonquin, IL.

“I have found your sight words quiz to be amazing and offers the child instant gratification. Thanks, Keep it up!”

- Carrie S., Ed. Assistant. Guelph, Canada.

“It's great! My son is 4 1/2 and loves to work on these games.”

- Abby P., Parent. New York, NY.

“This has worked so well in my multi-level special ed class! The children really enjoy using it.”

- Sheri D., Special Education Teacher. Hartsfield, GA.

“I think this is an exciting site for the K children to work their skills.”

- Shirlene D., Teacher. Clinton, NC.

“I think this program is great. I was looking for a program for my son and daughter who will be in 1st. and 3rd grade. This is going to be very helpful. Thank You.”

- Dora E., . , .

“I love K5 Stars. My daughter is 5 years and she just started Kindergarten. She doesn't like doing math on paper but she loves it on the computer with the robot.”

- Neelu S., Parent. Chesterfield, VA.

“My daughter thinks she is playing a game and doesn't think of it as school work.”

- Denise Z., Parent. Pittsburgh, PA.

“K5 Stars is always there...my son can work on bettering his scores anytime of the day. It's especially good in that he can see immediately after each 'game' how well he did and it does my heart good to see him go back and do it again when his score is low. Also, I like that it saves paper!... Before subscribing here I was printing off pages and pages of worksheets for him to practice his skills!”

- Sharon M., Parent. Hamilton, AL.

“I love using K5 Stars with my SmartBoard. My students are actively engaged in learning and they think that they are simply playing games.”

- Janie B., Teacher and parent. Mechanicsburg, PA.

What Parents and Teachers Love About K5 Stars.

“The variety of games and topics covered.”

“Sight word and spelling games...my 4 year old really loves them.”

“I like providing my kids with games that are educational.”

“The variety of fun activities. My daughter loves the funny faces that pop up when she answers a question correctly.”

“It's a fun way to do homework.”

“Cost effective.”

“Easy for the kids to work with.”

“The fun aspect of it - helps with learning.”

“I like the large variety of choices.”

“Colorful layout of games and activities are not overwhelming to students.”

“It is a very user friendly site. The tools are very engaging for little ones - they enjoy using them. It is so much fun they forget that they are educational!”

“It helps kids learn by using Internet which will be helpful getting them comfortable with computers at a young age.”

“It makes learning fun for my five year old.”

“I like that I can set up activity assignments for each of my students according to their individual needs.”

“Easy interactive activities for the SmartBoard.”

“We like how easy it is to use. Very user friendly website.”

“The manner in which the sight words are presented. My child is learning them much faster than with flashcards.”

“Being able to review sight words and essential skills and get data on 3 struggling students.”

“It is individualized and easy to use. It is also a great assessment tool.”

“Very easy to understand.”

“The sight words covered online are the same my daughter's teacher is requesting she study.”

“My kids love it when the voice says WOW.”

“Good statistics of lessons taken. Visual component is appealing to kids, yet not too busy, what is the common issue with other kids' games, educational or other.”

“Very creative...well adapted to school curriculum.”

“I like the looks of the games and how intuitive it is to play them. Students do not have to try and figure out what to do when at a specific game area.”

“I like that there are several ways to develop one skill. I think it is great to be able to see how well a child has done.”

“I love the games/activities!! It is a favorite for my children!”

“Easy to use, fun, kid friendly and most of all educational.”

“It has some great resources that can be used by different types of educators.”

“Well planned and useful.”

“Very good and easy to use. Lot of topic covered for kids.”

“Innovative techniques used to teach children.”

“I like the fact that the children can successfully learn and retain their sight words. The program is great!!!!!”

“The variety of activities for kids that hold their interest.”

“The variety of formats in exercises.”

“Fun and interactive.”

“The range of activities. My 4th grader and my 2nd grader can find things they enjoy and learn from on here.”

“The ability to assign lessons.”

“The variety of activities available.”

“Matches learning needs for first graders.”

“Fun, simple, and friendly to use.”

“The activities that are used to help children improve their learning.”

“I like the sight word games best.”

“The practical hands on practice for the children. Great keep it up!”

“The sight word practice.”

“Kids are interested.”

“It is fun and educational.”

“I did find it very user friendly with appropriate content for kindergarten students.”

“I am most amazed by the quality of the interactive games.”

“Keeps children interested in learning.”

“The fun learning games.”
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