Language Skills Important for Early Literacy .


Language Skills Important for Early Literacy .

Good news for parents of chatterboxes! Children with good vocabularies appear to find it easier to learn to read. An understanding of spoken language translates well to grasping the basics of written language.

A report for the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development identifies several indicators that can predict reading success in primary grades. They include the ability to pick out words from a sentence as well as being able to identify phonemes and letter sounds that facilitate the first stages of reading. It seems that children who are aware of the sounds of letters are better equipped to learn them in written text.

A growing vocabulary supports good reading comprehension, which plays a large role in continued reading success. It involves strong word recognition as well as the knowledge of words and understanding their relevance.

Reading aloud is a simple and effective way to promote literacy. Playing word games (like those at K5 Stars) helps emphasize language structure. When reading with your children, don't be afraid to read some of the same books over and over again; it helps them understand ideas and remember new words.

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