Literacy is Key to Academic Success.


Literacy is Key to Academic Success.

So your child is not an avid reader. Is it a serious issue? Actually, functional literacy is more important than some people may think, and it is the cornerstone to a student’s academic and, potentially, professional success.

Without the basic ability to understand simple reading material, students can't absorb information from textbooks for study purposes, nor do they easily comprehend general literature for functional use or pleasure. These children are at a great disadvantage in all areas of learning; from elementary school and throughout their adult lives.

Students with weak reading (and numeracy) abilities will often drop out of school. Unfortunately that means their access to many profitable, knowledge-based jobs is limited. In fact, it appears that an individual’s employment outcome can be significantly affected without strong literacy skills – and is even more of a factor than whether they graduated high school or not.

Reading aloud is one of the best ways to promote literacy, even if you think your child is an independent reader. Take turns reading a favorite book together each day and ask questions about the story. If reading is an effort or the child is struggling, a consult with their teacher may be helpful to find ways to encourage literacy skills.

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