“I love this site and recommend it to all professionals that ask for computer sites.”

- Pamela S., Teacher. Fort Worth, TX.
“Wonderful site! My son had his sight words down in no time.”

- Kristin M., Parent. New Orleans, LA.
“My 8 year old doesn't like Language Arts at all but he loves ... sight word quizzes. He thinks it's playing... shhhh.”

- Susan P., Special Ed Aid. Lakeport, CA.
“My daughter thinks she is playing a game and doesn't think of it as school work.”

- Denise Z., Parent. Pittsburgh, PA.
“The interactive sight word games are great fun!

- Emily H., Teacher. Antioch, CA.
“I love using K5 Stars with my SmartBoard. My students are actively engaged in learning and they think that they are simply playing games.”

- Janie B., Teacher and parent. Mechanicsburg, PA.
“The activities were kid-friendly and motivating for my students. I did not have to spend a lot of time explaining the games prior to their being able to complete them independently. The students could immediately see how they performed and receive feedback. It was easy to print the reports for tracking progress and showing growth.”

- Nancy W., Teacher. Gray, GA.
“My first grade kids just love this site. Thank you so much for all your work to help students learn!”

- Marilyn V., NBCT. Overland Park, Kansas.
“My daughter loves this site and the Accuracy displaying at the end of each game, is very much motivating for her. The previous performance results under My Results tab, helps us to identify the areas that the kid may need more improvement. I definitely suggest this site to my friends.”

- Anchu V., Parent. Westminster, CO.
“- Cost effective.

- We like how easy it is to use. Very user friendly website.

- Good statistics of lessons taken. Visual component is appealing to kids, yet not too busy, what is the common issue with other kids' games.

- Very creative...well adapted to school curriculum.

- I like the looks of the games and how intuitive it is to play them. Students do not have to try and figure out what to do when at a specific game area.

- I like that there are several ways to develop one skill. I think it is great to be able to see how well a child has done.

- Easy to use, fun, kid friendly and most of all educational.

- I like the fact that the children can successfully learn and retain their sight words. The program is great!!!!!

- The variety of activities for kids that hold their interest.

- I am most amazed by the quality of the interactive games.

- Keeps children interested in learning.”

- From a user survey.

Reading Tip 5: Set A Good Example.

  5 Best Ways to Boost Your Child's Reading Skills.

TIP #5: Model reading.

Set A Good Example.

Ok, we know this is a bit harder. But nothing will instill the importance of reading in your child more than seeing you read. Whether it's the morning paper, the news online, or even a romance novel, treat yourself to reading time of your own. If your child sees that reading is part of your life, they're more likely to model that behavior and choose to read as well.

Share information.

Clue your child in on the fact that the reason you always know when it's time to take the umbrella is because you read the weather, either in the paper or online. Talk with your child about current events.

Show and read them newspaper articles of importance to you. Fill your home with magazines. Many libraries offer an exchange table where people give their finished magazines and where you can take them. If your library doesn't, perhaps you can ask them to start one.

What's important is for your child to understand that reading allows you to gain information about the world around you.

Talk books with your child.

Talk books. Bring up books during dinner. Tell your child about a book you're enjoying or an article you've read and ask them to share with you. This not only shows your child that you value the time they spend reading; it also keeps them excited and interested in whatever it is that they're reading!

Finally, if you raise your child in an environment where reading is a priority and respected, if you give your child ample opportunity and materials to read and be read to, you're sowing seeds that will reap a bountiful harvest.

Sow the seeds of reading today, and tomorrow you and your child will reap strong reading skills and a life-long love of reading.

To your child's success,

K5 Stars Team.

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